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Invisalign Teen


Invisalign Teen

High school can be tough, but smiling should be easy and natural. Straightening your teeth used to mean years of metal braces and cringe-worthy school photos. Not any more! Removable, comfortable and nearly invisible, Invisalign will help you to set your smile free.

Invisalign Teen works the same way as adult Invisalign but it has added features just for teens. The aligners are made to allow for growth of new molars and they have a unique indicator stripe that fades clear so you know how long you have been wearing them. Invisalign Teen also includes six free replacement aligners during treatment, just in case you lose any of your aligners.

  • You can still play musical instruments because the aligners are removable
  • While playing sports, mouth injuries are less painful than they were with traditional braces
  • You can eat anything you like!
  • Have a special occasion coming up? School photos? Don't worry — just take your aligners out
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At Ruther Glen Dental, I see children as well as adult patients, and my goal for each and every one of them is healthy, strong and attractive teeth.