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Periodontal Therapy

Some form of periodontal (gum) disease is not uncommon among adults, and treating this disease is an important part of our dentistry. Gum disease can range from gum inflammation to a major condition affecting soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth. If left untreated, it can harm your overall health, not just your mouth.

Regular checkups and teeth cleaning are the foundation of a healthy mouth and can help prevent gum disease or catch it early on. You can maintain your beautiful smile and improve your overall health by coming to Ruther Glen Dental for regular cleanings. No matter how well you care for your teeth at home, professional dental techniques remove more plaque than brushing/flossing, and therefore improve gum health.

Periodontal Therapy Periodontal Therapy

At Ruther Glen Dental, I see children as well as adult patients, and my goal for each and every one of them is healthy, strong and attractive teeth.